Monday, October 21, 2013

Wax Wroth has moved

Wax Wroth has moved from this site to Go there now.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

You're Playing It Wrong online

Illustration by MARSH DAVIES
For more than two years now, I've been writing a parody column on video games, gaming culture and game journalism, called "You're Playing It Wrong," for Edge Magazine. Appearing every month in print, some of the columns are posted online sporadically, where I'm always struck by how different they feel, outside the hermetic context of the magazine.

All my friends who know me as a music and arts guy are kind of baffled by them. The references are very arcane, though the second entry on the list below might actually be suitable for gen-pop! It's probably the most fun thing I get to do.

Here's a selection of newer columns that have gone online, with, as always, pitch-perfect illustrations by the incomparable Marsh Davies.

Trent Trout Rage Quits the Industry

Edge's 20th Anniversary Issue

Meet the Galoresbys

Sony Courts Indie Developers

Going Deep into the "Uncanny Valley"

No, not the heartbreakingly terrible new reunion album from a beloved post-punk band, but the compelling experimental play at UNC starring a real robot. Most impressive was how director Francesca Talenti was able to plumb below what could have been a sheer gimmick to unearth a lingering emotional resonance.  I didn't simply ponder what it meant for a robot to be human. For awhile, I believed.

Read my thoughts on The Uncanny Valley at the INDY's Artery blog.